Banganga - Faith of the Water


This series observes the role of stories and rituals, their influence in regards to the ideas of faith and ‘Moksha’, and the resulting hopes and fears.


‘Banganga’, in Mumbai, witness constant life, death, rituals and stories, both old and contemporary. From removing body hair, praying, offering food to ancestors, at once it is all real and surreal. Thousands of people perform countless rituals and scores of dead fish are swept aside as a result.


This spiritual lake is believed to be sprung out of the earth by an arrow shot by Lakshmana when Rama got thirsty. It began as a story and today has its own stories. Its real source unknown, unknown leading to the mystery. How amazing it is to see a space begetting a character and then individual lives being woven into it!


Solo Exhibition - Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, 2019

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